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Life Cycle of a Butterfly SkitLife Cycle of a Butterfly Skit

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Skit Encourages imagination and speaking. Make groups of 5 or more and have fun with this skit. One character, the "Profess [ ... ]

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Halloween Video LessonHalloween Video Lesson

Halloween Video Lesson Comes in two parts. Part 1: "Friends" (TV show) video and worksheet. Part 2: "It's Halloween-Lo-Ween" song and worksheet. I [ ... ]

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Funny-Commercials¬† A collection of 20 funny TV commercials with comprehension worksheet. Note: This lesson comes in three zip files due to the size [ ... ]

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Real Hybrid Animals-ReadingReal Hybrid Animals-Reading

Real Hybrid Animals-Reading Includes a story about four real hybrid animals, a short video on hybrid animals, a Powerpoint and associated worksheet.  [ ... ]

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Funny Hybrid AnimalsFunny Hybrid Animals

Funny Hybrid Animals Objective: To stimulate imagination Powerpoint with funny hybrid animals. e.g A 'Froc", half frog, half crocodile! Students mus [ ... ]

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Voyage around the Solar SystemVoyage around the Solar System

Voyage around the Solar System This lesson is for direct or reported speech plus general comprehension practice. Use the SWF story book to practice  [ ... ]

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What's Your Star Sign?What's Your Star Sign?

What's Your Star Sign Using Adjectives. Students learn what their star signs mean and how to use adjectives to describe their traits. Includes Powerp [ ... ]

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Coconut Monkeys-ListeningCoconut Monkeys-Listening

Coconut Monkeys-Listening A video about trained monkeys in Thailand that harvest coconuts from trees. Includes a flash (swf) snakes and ladders game  [ ... ]

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Chinese Zodiac-WritingChinese Zodiac-Writing

Chinese Zodiac-Writing Story of the origins of the Chinese Zodiac, the race between the 12 animals. Includes two worksheets, story and flash story.  [ ... ]

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Cat Vs Internet-WritingCat Vs Internet-Writing

Cat Vs Internet-Writing Present Continuous. Powerpoint of a cat trying all sorts of things to get it's owners attention away from the internet and pa [ ... ]

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Alien Abduction RoleplayAlien Abduction Roleplay

Alien Abduction Roleplay This role-play can be used with students who are studying about aliens (a common course book topic), for the practice and re [ ... ]

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Thunks SlideshowsThunks Slideshows

Thunks Slideshows A series of seven Powerpoints, each with a series of strange questions to make your students think. E.g "Where does the sky start?" [ ... ]

Games & Warmers
Speaking Game BoardSpeaking Game Board

Speaking Game Board This game will be useful if you find it difficult to motivate your students to speak.
You will need a dice.
Use this game to elicit [ ... ]

Games & Warmers
The Duck SongThe Duck Song

The Duck Song The famous duck song that went "viral" Fun word fill. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Files: pdf [ ... ]

Song Worksheets
Lemon Tree-Fools GardenLemon Tree-Fools Garden

Lemon Tree-Fools Garden Present Continuous word fill. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Files: pdf Download Lin [ ... ]

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